After school safe space for pupils

At the back, from left, are Kristal Kruser, co-founder and owner of Limitless Tuition, and tutor Keziah Hardenberg, both from Westridge.

Mitchell’s Plain pupils can complete their homework almost immediately after school and enjoy playing educational games, thanks to a free homework programme being run in Portland.

Kristal Kruser and Keziah Hardenberg, both from Westridge, have been helping pupils finish their homework after school since 2018.

Previously they ran the programme from Westridge library hall and Dagbreek community hall, before moving to the Alliance Française hall, in Wall Street, Portland.

Ms Kruser, co-founder and owner of Limitless Tuition, who tutors pupils for a living, said they felt they needed to do something for their community.

“We wanted to create a safe space because parents have very demanding jobs and they don’t have the skills to help pupils.”

She said pupils needed positive role-models, who deter them from gangsterism and drugs.

Ms Kruser said pupils faced many challenges daily, including overcrowded classrooms, language barriers and the lack of quality education.

As a qualified social worker she saw first hand the need to reach out and spend time with pupils after school.

She called on volunteers, including students, who could come and help out and then also, perhaps earn an income by becoming a tutor.

The programme is fun and interactive to empower pupils to do their homework and feel confident to share their knowledge.

Parents have to accompany their children, complete an indemnity form and fetch their children afterwards.

Ms Kruser said recent conversations with parents have also peaked an interest in holding workshops teaching parents how to teach their children.

“Many parents do not have the time or resources to help with research or know the curriculum, which we do have, we are in touch with teachers and schools.”

She said it was most rewarding to have a pupil who regularly comes to their programme, say: “I can read this piece or I understand what I just read and the joy of seeing the child progress.”

“I am overwhelmed by parents and pupils coming up to me and hugging me because their child has moved academic codes.”

The free programme is every Monday and Wednesday, from 3pm until 4pm, for pupils in Grades 1 to 6; and 4pm to 5pm for Grades 7 to 11. Take along your homework book, mathematics, English and Afrikaans books.

For more information and to book a slot call Ms Kruser on 061 913 8445.