Women unite in prayer

Mitchells Plain women gathered for the 87th celebration of the Day of Prayer in South Africa.

Mitchell’s Plain women gathered to pray for their community and draw strength from their faith in God.

Their session of worship was planned by women from the Philippines for the Women’s World Day of Prayer (WWDP), the 87th celebration of the Day of Prayer in South Africa, at the Moravian Church, in Westridge, on Friday March 3.

Women from various Christian denominations gathered at churches across the world to observe the biblical message: “Am I being unfair to you?”

The WWDP is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer, on the first Friday of March every year.

Each year a different nationality plans and sets up the programme for the prayer session, which is distributed in a booklet across the world.

It includes, background of the country, greetings, well wishes, challenges the country may face and messages to keep the faith in God.

Guest speaker Angeline Swart, from the Moravian Church, in Maitland, said worshippers should not let an opportunity for them to help other people pass them by.

She said God called men and women to be of service to one another.

“He is calling you to work for justice, to be beautiful, to be talented and not get tired of working for God and His creation,” she said.

Pertaining to the theme she said God’s mercy was enough to sustain worshippers and that they should not desire anything else.