Salome to launch legacy project

Singer Salome, originally from Lentegeur, is launching her legacy project.

Songstress Salome comes from humble beginnings and spent her childhood in Lentegeur.

Now, years later, she is planning to launch her legacy project which aims to raise awareness about the social ills in the community as well as uplift the elderly.

Salome, who now lives in Parow, said throughout her career she had been actively involved in community outreach initiatives which focus on HIV/Aids prevention, substance abuse awareness and well as youth development.

“My other passion has always been the elderly who are often completely forgotten. This needs to change.

“I began my journey at Oakhaven Place in Heideveld where I supplied refreshments and entertainment to about 30 people. The appreciation on their faces was priceless and my first thought was that I need to continue with this – and a legacy was born,” she said.

She plans to links schools and old age homes and create an “adopt a gran” policy.

“I hope that by adding my voice to the cause I will be able to help organisations such as Red Ribbon Foundation, universities, schools and homes for the aged to strengthen the work being done by them,” she said.

Salome, who identifies as a lesbian, said it was tough “coming out” to her family.

“A friend actually let the cat out of the bag before I had the opportunity to tell my mother, which created a huge strain on our relationship for many years.”

They eventually reconciled and they fully accept her marriage.

Salome describes growing up in Mitchell’s Plain as the best time of her life.

“I have fond memories of long-lasting friendships that still form part of my life. It saddens me to see how drugs and gangsterism have affected my hometown. When I was growing up, rape, murder and armed robbery as well as the disregard for the elderly, did not exist. I couldn’t have felt safer in my neighbourhood back then,” she said.

She encouraged the LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and intersex) community to stand up and be proud of who they are.

“Help one another, don’t break each other down. Put up your hand and be counted,” she said.