Free training for aspiring DJs

From left are the Classicman Entertainment DJs, Saadiq Behardien, aka DJ D; Xavier Africa, aka Dj Xavvy, Ziyard Behardien, aka DJ Dominator and Mugammad Tashreeq Boolay aka DJ Tash.

A young man with a love for rave and trance music used his passion, skills and resources to start a company that offers free training to young people who want to learn how to DJ and operate sound equipment.

Classicman Entertainment, founded in June 2019 by Ziyard Behardien, 15, also known as DJ Dominator, is based in Ottery but they plan to move to Mitchell’s Plain where they have been teaching youngsters the skills needed to pursue their dreams of having a career in music.

Ziyard’s father Sharaan Behardien, the owner of Classicman, said through their training, they’ve been helping to keep children off the streets and follow their dreams.

In Mitchell’s Plain they work from the Portland Indoor Centre, and some schools have approached them to assist with extra-mural activities and after school programmes, said Mr Behardien.

“We find many children dropping out of school, we especially want to help those children find their way again, help them dream and work their craft,” said Mr Behardien.

Ziyard said he started DJing as he was inspired by other DJs he had listened to before. “I’d like to show that young people can do the same as any other DJs. They shouldn’t cross out the young ones who are more than capable,” said Ziyard.

“My father has also inspired me to become a DJ. I am a rave and trance DJ, I teach young people like me to do the same. If this is their passion, they are more than capable of pursuing it,” said Ziyard.

Owner of Classic Teens, Colleen Williams.

Part of Classicman Entertainment is Classic Teens through which Colleen Williams and her team offer free training for young people who would like to learn to sing, rap and dance.

Joshua Williams, 21, is a dancer who teaches the dance classes at Classic Teens.

Her son, Joshua Williams, 21, is a dancer who teaches the dance classes.

“I am a hip hop dancer and also a proud member of Classic Teens Entertainment. I contribute to the main mission of the company which is to uplift and inspire the community to express who they are and give them a good platform to work from so they can become successful in something they are passionate about,” said Joshua.

This Saturday May 22, at 9am, Classicman and Classic Teens are hosting a fund-raiser at the OK Mini market shopping centre in Strandfontein. Covid-19 protocols will be observed. On Youth Day, Wednesday June 16, they will be hosting a talent contest.

For more information call Ms Williams at 071 688 0087.