Fisherman’s Lane work is a downgrade

Sias van Zyl, Cleaner Safer Falsebay

Regarding “Coastal users debate development” (Plainsman, Wednesday February 8), I have a huge concern on this multi-million rand downgrade.

Today I had the time to go look at this upgrade the City of Cape Town is talking about. I also spoke to some fishermen in the area and heard their concerns.

Let me start off with the braai area downgrade. At this stage there are about 15 braai areas. This is being changed to three or four braai areas.

Do you really think that there are only three or four families that are going to use the facilities in summer?

As senior personnel from the City you guys know three or four will not be enough and will cause huge conflict.

It is alleged that the City did not do their work properly when consulting the contractors.

The second part and to the public is very important is – toilets.

In a meeting with Gregg Oelofse and other role players the attendees were informed of no toilets?

Be serious. We are not in the ice age. Imagine we must do our number 1 and 2 in the dunes. Or must we bring a porter pot?

All this is against the law, public indecency. We can be arrested.

Do you the City build facilities in upmarket areas with no toilets? No.

Please make sure we get the necessary facilities to enjoy our day at the facility. Maybe we must invite all the role players for a whole day, bring and braai. Wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends can join. I would like to see their faces when they ask to go to the toilets. Sorry no toilets, go to that bush.

Third, the always forgotten fishermen.

This area was demarcated for non-whites in the old South Africa as they were cast-outs to the rest of the beautiful areas developed for whites. Yes, I am a white South African. Luckily my dad was colour blind and could not read. So we were part of the fishing communities in False Bay.

Suddenly the familiar and historical area is being downgraded and fishermen’s access to the familiar Broken Road is removed. Broken Road will never be Broken Road with no road for fishermen. Do you guys have any idea what revenue fishermen bring into this country?

A sport enjoined by all races, the biggest family that there is.

Why is the fisherfolk’s access to Broken Road taken away?

Do not tell me we can park in the parking area. You are making us vulnerable to crime.

Our historical fishing spot is downgraded because the City is taking it away.

My dad used to meet up with fellow fishermen.

We could spend the day there without being afraid that we would be harmed. No skelms. Last thing is, what environmental studies were done in this area? Making changes causes environmental changes. Like Monwabisi, where no studies were done and due to these changes people have lost their lives.

I can carry on on how the City is failing his people.

But let’s start here and see if the City really works for its people.