West End Primary unveils vision for next year

West End Primary School principal Clive Arries, right, receives a gift from former Spine Road High School principal Riyaadh Najaar.

A Lentegeur primary school plans to add an extra 30 minutes of learning to the week with lessons that include agriculture and new technology such as Chat GPT.

It’s all part of West End Primary School’s vision for next year, which was unveiled at a presentation on Wednesday November 22.

Last year, the school was a top-10 finalist in the T4 Education Network’s World’s Best School Prize, in the category of “overcoming adversity“.

Principal Clive Arries said they had worked on the framework for next year after analysing the efforts of the top-two schools in this year’s “overcoming adversity“ category of the World’s Best School Prize and looking at the provincial education department’s curriculum as well as the development objectives of both the UN and the African Union.

Taking all of that into consideration, the school had opted to focus on agriculture as a way to tackle poverty, hunger, gender equality, good health and quality education.

Mitchell’s Plain school representatives, school nurses and guests.
Metro South Education District curriculum advisor Faldiela Chotia, left, receives a token of appreciation from school governing body member Dorothy Trimm.
The school’s drill coach and intern teacher Dawood Abrahams, middle, received the school’s “teacher of the year award”. He is congratulated by teacher Sasha-Lee Fortuin, left, and governing body member Dorothy Trimm.