Rlabs House hosts last First Thursdays for 2023

From left are Arantxa Landsman, Jordin Willie and Deon Willie at the RLabs House.

The RLabs House hosted their final First Thursdays event for 2023 on December 7.

The event saw a solo exhibition by landscape photographer, Hendrik ‘iamhendrik’ Louw as well as entertainment by spoken word artist Gracia Nicholls, Genesis Music Foundation and Set 4 Dance.

Hendrik said he is inspired by nature. “I wake up early to shoot landscapes. This is a very exciting time and I’m very happy for this exhibition.”

He had words of encouragement for other artists. “Don’t be shy to put your work out there, let people see it, hopefully someone will see your creativity.”

Sxldier Fam from Portland, from left, are Peyton Afrika, Janae Smith, Zinzi Rhodes, Tristan Davy, Kirsten Vercuil and Kiara Whyte doing their krump number for the crowd on Thursday December 7.
Spoken word artist Gracia Nicholls performed on Thursday December 7.

Head coach of Sxldier Fam, Ignatius Pastor said he’s happy to have the children in a space where they’re comfortable and where people can see their talent.

“This is a very good place to be exposed to opportunities in Mitchell’s Plain. They can grow from this experience into job opportunities. This also helps them keep off the streets yet still being children and enjoying the love of dance,” he said.

From left are What The Fudge business owners, Ashley and Laura Spannenberg, with attendees, Najmu Abrahams, Caron Hamilton and MEC for Community Safety and Police Oversight, Reagen Allen

MEC for Community Safety and Police Oversight, Reagen Allen said when young people are able to express themselves and are involved in positive activities it bodes well for “our societies and I encourage them to continue to be a part of this.”

Owners of business What The Fudge, Ashley and Laura Spannenberg said they enjoyed being in a space with local people.

“It is brilliant to be a part of an amazing journey. Ms Spannenberg has gone through a programme and since then we got involved and exposed to other entrepreneurs. This is a good experience,” he said.

For more information and to confirm attendance at the next event email events@rlabs.org or WhatsApp text 068 019 6510.