Mixing science and heritage

From left are Marionetha Wessels, PhD candidate Nonkosi Matinise and pupil Tracy-Leigh Mileham doing the surface tension experiment with household items.

B&M Scientific brought science and heritage together when, on Thursday September 23, they showed pupils of Lentegeur High School how science can be identified in their everyday lives as well as the opportunities that are available to them.

Lentegeur High School pupils enjoyed the heritage and science day on Thursday September 23 at school.

B&M Scientific is a supplier of essential laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents, as well as medical supplies.

Alex Cupido from B&M Scientific and former Lentegeur High pupil, said it was important to show the pupils the opportunities that science could present them with.

“We have brought food science in particular as well as identity and heritage in celebration of Heritage Day. There are not many scientists coming from our schools. We would like to sponsor the school with a science laboratory and promote science at their school,” said Mr Cupido.

Guest speaker and PhD candidate at Stellenbosch University, Nonkosi Matinise, conducted a surface tension experiment which is used to teach pupils about the unique properties of water.

“I showed them how they can use daily items around their house and play with science, also showing them the power of science in the household,” she said.

She told the pupils about her experience of studying science. “I wanted to do something with my life and science allowed me to do that. I can help my family financially and build a life for myself,” she said.

Having not been exposed to the many different career options available when she was at school, Ms Matinise added: “I am trying to break the cycle.

“We need to share the information. If you’re exposed to this information you will have a better idea on the decisions for your careers. Let’s normalise science,” she said.

Deputy principal Natasha Heugh said the session had been much-needed. “It was motivating and we should have more of this at schools. It is not only the responsibility of teachers but for all of us.” she said.

From left are deputy principal Natasha Heugh, owner of B&M Scientific, Abdul Majid Hargey, and Jamie-Lee Jaftha of Majestic Signs. The school received an appreciation award at the event.

Abdul Majid Hargey, owner of B&M Scientific said it’s important to help in events like this in this society. “I encourage other businesses to help schools in need of a better education and to keep schools flowing with opportunities for pupils,” he said.

Performing artists from Bruinchild Media are from left singer Shade’ Pretorius and rapper Michael Palmer singing at the event on Thursday.

Pupil Marionetha Wessels said she enjoyed the session and was especially inspired by the performing artists – singer Shade’ Pretorius and rapper Michael Palmer – who come from her hometown of Bredasdorp. She will take the information about science with her to help her with her future, she said.

Pupil Tracy-Leigh Mileham said she didn’t know about the opportunities made available to her through science. “I’ve learned to not give up, and that there are more things outside of school available to us. The world is our oyster,” she said.