Cornflower pupils and Walking Bus women visit SA Jewish Museum

Cornflower Primary School pupils and women members of the Lentegeur Walking Bus visited the SA Jewish Museum on Monday August 9.

Women’s Day started with great excitement for pupils from Cornflower Primary School in Lentegeur and women from the Walking Bus project boarded the bus to attend the Women Empowerment and Cultural and Diversity Programme at the SA Jewish Museum on Monday August 9.

The excursion was planned with the focus on Women’s Day and aimed at bringing the young girls and the women to share experiences and advice.

“The excursion was the perfect setting for such an initiative as it also gave the women the opportunity to be informed of the importance of embracing cultural and religious differences,” said Zaida Julius, director of EduBiz Foundation which organised the excursion.

The women attended sessions on parenthood, prevention of teenage pregnancies, financial planning, self-sustainability and support structures available to them.

They were also given insight into the importance the role women played in history and to use them as role models.

Belinda Selikowitz, education manager of the Cultural, Diversity Education programme said it had been the first time that the SA Jewish Museum had hosted a Women’s Day with only women, focussed on the women’s issues.

“It is indeed a great initiative and is much needed. We intend to grow to support and uplift women of all ages.”

Ms Julius added: “The excursion offers the youth such a great experience as pupils work in small groups of 10 to 12 and have informed and well facilitated discussions about history and historic issues, cultural and religious differences, some of South African history such as the impact of apartheid and District 6.”

The Walking Bus is a community safety initiative driven by Mayor Dan Plato.

“The project has proven to be very successful in the communities, especially with regards to supporting schools with safety issues such as managing implementing Covid-19 protocols, assisting with security on the school grounds, supporting safety at the school gates, but most of all being vigilant in the community by standing on various street corners, fields and pedestrian crossing to ensure pupils are safe,” said Ms Julius.

“The Walking Bus women were treated to the excursion as a token to thank them for the great work. The excursion was also used as an opportunity for the older women to share words of wisdom and valuable life experiences with the young girls. The Walking Bus women also used the excursion to discuss team building challenges and opportunities,” she said.

Glenda Arendse, co-ordinator of the Walking Bus initiative in Lentegeur thanked the organisers, adding: “We learnt so much and shared valuable experiences and advice with each other and especially the young girls.”

For more information contact Ms Julius on 072 241 2278.