Birthday boy Riley collects gifts for four-legged friends

Rocklands youngster Riley Valentine is collecting dog food, blankets and all kinds of treats for his four legged friends at the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi.

Riley America, 9, from Rocklands, is collecting goods for his four-legged friends.

Instead of a tenth birthday party he is calling for donations, which he wants to give to the dogs at the shelter, where he volunteers every Saturday – walking the dogs in the fields, cleaning bowls, picking up poop and playing with the dogs.

His birthday is on Monday September 27 and so far he has collected six cans, two bags and a box of dog food.

“It is my birthday wish and it would really warm my heart. I want people to donate more dog toys, food, jerseys, blankets and leashes,” he said.

Riley said he likes dogs because they are obedient and one can watch them grow up.

His mother Venecia said the donations were coming in slowly and that Riley had become a bit despondent.

“I assured him that things will come a bit closer to his birthday,” she said.

They started the drive about a month ago, as a run-up to Riley’s birthday.

Ms America said Riley had wanted to be a veterinarian since he was very young.

For more information and to donate, WhatsApp Ms Valentine on 072 220 4255.