Westridge Yankees focus on legacy

High fives all around after Westridge Yankees beat Southside Heat 10-3 at Turfhall at the weekend.

Westridge Yankees, a softball powerhouse that has consistently dominated the Cape Town Softball Association Major League, finds itself in a season that doesn’t align with its high standards.

Despite clinching the league title for two consecutive seasons, the current campaign has proven to be a challenge, at least that is according to coach Gabriel Theys.

At first glance one wouldn’t say the club is not having a great season, but their standards are not that of regular teams just looking to survive in the league.

At the weekend, Yankees comfortable brushed aside Southside Heat with a 10-3 scoreline, a result that should have made the coach beam with pride but Theys knows they can still do better.

Theys, a key figure in the Yankees’ success, acknowledges the difference between their expectations and the current reality.

“Our current season as Westridge Yankees men’s team isn’t going too well as what we have intended it to go, especially having won the league title for two consecutive seasons,” said Theys, highlighting the team’s aspirations for continuous excellence.

While Theys holds the belief that the Yankees deserve a better standing, he recognises the inherent strength and competitiveness of the league.

Despite the challenges, the team has managed to maintain its status at the top, a testament to their resilience.

“This league has always been a strong and competitive league with great teams and individual standouts,” acknowledges Theys.

However, he remains optimistic about the remainder of the season, adopting a realistic approach of taking one game at a time and aiming for positive outcomes.

The legacy of Westridge Yankees extends beyond their current season, with a rich history of developing exceptional players.

The team has contributed not only to provincial representation but has seen players achieve national status and even compete internationally.

Theys emphasises that the club’s commitment goes beyond on-field success. “Westridge Yankees has always been one of the biggest clubs in the softball fraternity,” he states proudly.

“As a club, we strive to grow season by season, not only on the field of play but also off the field by developing young girls and boys into this sport.”

The broader vision of Westridge Yankees encompasses the nurturing of talent and instilling a passion for softball in the younger generation. This commitment aims to perpetuate the cycle of producing outstanding players who proudly represent Westridge Yankees on various stages.

The team will take a break this week and will be back in action in the weekend of Saturday January 27 when they play both league and knockout games.

Safe hands from Riyaad Moosa during the weekend win against Southside Heat.
Wendall Solomons was the pitcher in the weekend’s game against Southside Heat.