Colorado Park sensei reaches new milestone

Sensei Trevor Rustin shows off some moves with one of his students, Kaylin Stubbs, after one of their morning training sessions in Colorado Park.
Sensei Trevor Rustin, of Colorado Park, hopes that his fourth dan blackbelt, earned at a five-day grading in Mauritius last month, will inspire his own students to dream bigger.

The owner of Trevor’s Kyokushin School of Karate in Westridge has been committed to the sport for almost three decades.

He took up karate as he wanted to find a sport which he and his two daughters could take part in.

The grading in Mauritius for his fourth dan blackbelt in full contact karate involved fighting 20 men in the kumite assessment.

The sensei had to defend himself with little to no rest, which tested his physical and mental ability.

He was confirmed by sixth dan blackbelt  Shihan Philip Moustache of Seychelles.

Sensei Rustin was invited to attend the grading and says the challenge was to push himself to go against all odds while inspiring his students to achieve whatever test they put their minds to.

Sensei Rustin says while the grading was tough, the third dan blackbelt grading was even tougher as he had to fight against 40 men.

He says this time the challenge against the 20 kumite karatekas was more a test of spirit.

“I was very happy with my overall conditioning. More so, for my students so that if there is nothing else, maybe this can inspire them to dream bigger and to go on a particular level. It is my wish that my students go further. Once they can do that I will feel like I have done something successful,” says Sensei Rustin.

He has been instructing karate for 28 years but played soccer as a youngster.

He wanted his children to participate in a sport and since there were no girls’ soccer teams for his daughters to join at the time, he enrolled them into karate so they all could take part in it.

Sensei Rustin grew up in Bridgetown and has managed to travel around the world thanks to his involvement in the sport.

“To this end we wish to inspire our youth of Mitchells Plain, Athlone and surrounding areas to please dream big. Do not allow your current circumstances to determine your destiny and your path in life.”