You kept us going

Winston Arries, founder of Chosen Youth and teacher at Wespoort Primary School, Portland

In Honour of our dear sister, Verda G. Erasmus

They say one could hear your laughter in your smile

They say you could see the love radiate from your eyes

An infectious sound that warmed one’s heart

A memory that will never keep us apart

Your joy kept us going

Your hurt could be seen in your eyes

Your voice carried the sadness you were trying to hide

Your curtain was drawn, the tears were revealed

Of a woman, whose laugh drowned all the sorrows away

Your sacrifice kept us going

We’ll remember you yes, for the love that you’ve shown

No matter the colour or creed, the poor or the rich

You carried your heart on your sleeve

Moreover, it didn’t matter whoever believed

You kindness kept us going

Happiness is what was found in your laughter and sorrow

Not a perfect laugh, or a perfect smile,

Nor a perfect heart, or a perfect life

Peace and patience and love and contentment were what you strived

Your peace kept us going

Dear Verda, at last you’ve found your perfection

In the peace, and the patience and contentment

Of your eternal rest.

Your love and laughter kept us going

  • Ms Erasmus is the writer’s sister-in-law. She passed away due to Covid-19 on Monday July 12, just 10 days after her 55th birthday.