Wheelchair tyres needed

Mogamat Salie van Niekerk, Rocklands

I once again have to appeal to the community to please support me with the maintenance of my motorised wheelchair’s tyres (“Public heeds Salie’s call for help”, Plainsman, January 15, 2020).

The maintenance of the chair’s tyres is very heavy on me – the chair needs to be looked after but the maintenance of the tyres is the main thing.

So, if people can sponsor anything towards the tyres I would be grateful. Please know I appreciate it very, very much. Any small help – anything – will be appropriate.

Anyone willing to help, can call me directly on 061 188 3715 or they can call my mother Shamiela on 021 391 0639.

• As a baby Mr Van Niekerk, 48, was diagnosed with polio, a condition that causes paralysis and he was left paralysed from his knees down.