What it takes to be a nurse

Chantal Leng, Eastridge

I have been a nurse for about five weeks. While tending to one of the patients I realised that a nurse’s job is not just a “quick fix washing dressing feeding and off you go”.

It is about time, it is about being an ear to listen to, it is about encouraging and motivating the patient when they are having a bad day.

It is about making the patient feel that they can still conquer life’s pressures or challenges faced during the day. It’s about being a physiotherapist, it’s about being a psychologist, it’s about sharing in their pain. It’s about shedding a tear with them and celebrating in their joy when they communicate with you.

Patience, endurance, compassion and love are the greatest gifts of all. It takes all these kinds of emotions to be a nurse, a carer. A patient needs to know that whenever they call on you that you will be available to tend to them.

You are and should be their superhero when they cannot accomplish what they need to. My question is are you that nurse? Do you have the qualities to not grow tired if the patient calls for you 10 times a day.

A nurse is not just a title, it’s not just about a salary. If God has called you into this ministry, yes, it’s a ministry then my prayer for you is that God will continue to give you the necessary strength, patience, peace, kindness and gentleness to keep doing what you love.

Continue to be the servant of the Lord that God wants you to be and with this God sees your heart and he will work all things together for the good of those who love him.

This letter is inspired by one of the residents, Leon. Thank you for your faith in me and for trusting me. I am humbled and will continue to strive to be the best that I can be, all glory to God.