Vaccinations a way to protect

Monique Johnstone, Spokesperson for the provincial department of health

The letter from Tanelle Welff-Dixon (“Fear factor”, Plainsman, September 22) refers.

People have the right to access information about the vaccine to make an informed decision for their health and safety.

As recommended by the World Health Organization, Centre for Communicable Diseases, the Medical Research Council, and the National Department of Health, the Western Cape Government Health firmly supports vaccination as the best and safest way to protect residents from severe illness and death due to Covid-19.

We have been communicating about the vaccine rollout since implementation on various media platforms.

The public have access to credible information about the vaccine on the department’s website, on social media and via various media platforms.

Our teams attend talks as requested by communities to share information about the vaccine and to allay fears.

We have also hosted several information sessions. We have taken the vaccine to the communities and conduct many vaccination pop-up sites in the communities, where our teams are readily available to vaccinate and answer questions to keep people informed.

We utilise our community leaders to assist us in sharing information in their communities. Our Boots on the Ground teams work daily in communities to register people and promote the vaccine as well as inform people of the pop-up sites in their area.

Hesitancy in Mitchell’s Plain has been identified. We ask all role players and community and religious leaders to assist the Department of Health in reaching out and addressing concerns so we can fight this Covid-19 pandemic together.