Tribute to Ayesha Kelly

Fayrooz Kelly, grandmother of Ayesha Kelly, who was caught in gang crossfire and died.

Fayrooz Kelly, Tafelsig

I really miss you so much. Rest in eternal peace my child. (I) love you forever

Poem about the loss of a granddaughter.

Granddaughters are a source of immeasurable joy for her grandparents.

Long before a granddaughter is born, she is deeply loved.

Granddaughters are often a grandmother’s best friend.

Her ally and her most precious treasure.

For a grandmother, a granddaughter is often the apple of her eye.

Her princess.

It is no surprise then, that a grandmother’s love for her granddaughter is so intense and selfless.

For this reason the loss of a granddaughter can bring on a range of difficult emotions including numbness, guilt, anger, emptiness, disbelief and deep sadness.

Love you.

Ayesha Kelly – born April 16 2009 (and) died December 8 2019

Ayesha Kelly, 10, was waiting to be served at a tuckshop close to her Tafelsig home when rival gangs opened fire and a bullet struck her in her back on Sunday December 8, 2019 shortly after 9pm.