They killed Lady Justice

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Cornelius Basson, Chad Basson Foundation director

We, the Chad Basson Foundation, hereby wish to express our shock and huge disappointment regarding a recent report (“More than 5 000 firearms stolen from police in past five years, reveals Cele”, Cape Times, July 26).

The police minister Bheki Cele, in reply to a parliamentary question, revealed that more than 5 000 firearms were stolen from the police in the last five years.

This is besides the many guns stolen from owners and business.

It explains greatly the manner in which the Cape Flats has become a dumping ground for these firearms, which are readily available.

As someone whose loved one was prematurely taken by this evil gunslingers, we can simply not be silent.

The report further stated that the Hawks were investigating cases of firearms being sold by SAPS members; the very same people whose mandate it is to serve and protect.

This means that the two servicemen found guilty, Christiaan Prinsloo and David Charles Naidoo were just the tip of the iceberg.

According to a Western Cape government reporter, 518 illegal guns and 7000 ammunition were seized just in the last 3 months.

Showing that more and more illegal firearms make their way to gangs on the Cape Flats.

Most of the time the innocent are maimed, leaving a huge youth vacuum in the future and children growing up without parents.

This report states that there were 700 arrests and that only six people were convicted.

Alarmingly, the gang conviction rate is below a paltry 2%.

Granted, we do have many loyal dedicated police personnel, which includes hard working detectives with heavy workloads.

They simply have to move to another case and cannot give much attention to one particular case.

The other part of the puzzle is prosecutors who are being fast tracked from the district courts to higher courts.

In Mitchell’s Plain for example, they have to face a notorious magistrate whose conviction rate is non-existent, riding roughshod over them.

With the protection of the Regional Court President and the far removed Magistrate Commission, this magistrate has carte blanche power.

These two departments are simply sweeping these actions under the carpet.

We asked for a thorough investigation regarding the conviction rate as there is a consistent pattern over many years but are simply ignored.

Mitchell’s Plain is in big trouble as the very essence of justice is being eroded by all these heartless individuals.

The day the accused in my beloved son’s case was set free.

They killed Lady Justice.