Take a stand

Christine Stone, Lentegeur

Our park that borders Sunflower Street, Lupin Crescent and Kameeldoring Crescent and the other one that borders Foxglove Street, Daffodil Crescent and Disa Street have deteriorated badly.

We moan and groan about the lack of facilities for our kids and grandkids, and yet we turn a blind eye when bad things happen.

Constant dumping is being done by those living around the parks. Kids burn the rubble and scratch in it then they get sick and take those germs into our homes, but we still refuse to take ownership.

Where will this cycle end? What will we do about it? What happened to “my child is your child and your child is my child”?

Now it’s a case of “let them be because no one listens and we walk away”.

Right now, the council is busy repairing and replacing broken play areas, so become a proud Lentegeur citizen and stand and speak up when you see wrong.

Many cannot afford to take their kids to more affluent areas to enjoy a park. We have them in our areas and yet we are either afraid to use them due to gangsterism or because they are messed up.

Where do we go from here if we cannot appreciate and take care of the little we have? How can we be trusted with more? Take a stand and become accountable.