Stop secrecy

Evangelist Pastor Dean Ramjoomia, founder and director of Nehemiah Call Initiative

Just another human being shot dead in the capital of the Cape Flats – Mitchell’s Plain.

Here nobody gives blood, blood is drawn by a bullet of a gun every day.

Until we the people drag out these killers from their homes and hiding places – it will continue.

Stop the secrecy and silence.

God weet ons is meer werd.

I am not calling for vigilantism. No, emphatically. No.

I am calling our bluff to deliver the killers, men and women of murder, drug dealers, lawlessness out from amongst us.

Yes, emphatically. Yes.

Until we the people in Jesus name God weep, assume this responsibility, we will keep, crying and burying the dead.

Stop the secrecy and silence related to all crime.

What I’m certainly calling on is for God’s people to break the secrecy and silence related to all crime and criminality.

To do whatever it takes to see justice starting with self.