Spreading awareness

Bronwill de Bruyn, founder of Hope Restoration Centre

What inspired me to do this event was my past with crime (“Last of the holiday fun,” Plainsman July 19).

I used to be a gangster and drug addict at 16. I stopped doing this at 22. This motivated me to give back to the children around me.

The lies by gang leaders make young people believe in something that doesn’t exist.

I want young people to be aware of the dangers around some of the choices they see as options. I want to open their eyes to this reality so that they can continue to be children.

Those in the same situation as me, leaving gangs and drug addictions, I would like them to join me so that we can spread this awareness and be a testimony to the young people, to tell them what the real life in gangsterism is. Only a few of us rarely make it out and survive this disease.

For more information, call me at 078 091 9720.