Role of men in society

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 116

Beacon Valley men were reminded of their role in the community and how their life experience could inspire youth to contribute positively to society.

We hosted a men’s health workshop at Beacon Valley community hall on Tuesday June 28.

This initiative was to encourage men to take a stand in their community and contribute positively.

The focus for this session was to focus on men as role models in the community.

The participants were reminded of their youth when they once looked up to someone, who was their role model.

This person had qualities that inspired them and they aspired to be like that person.

In acknowledging the qualities they were able to identify how that made them feel.

In our community we need more men with the qualities identified in order for the youth to have the same experience, the participants experienced.

In the room I was encouraged by the men who expressed themselves as head of the house or family; they see themselves as a role model.

They lead by example even in the times when their children were not following a good path they continued to reach out to their children.

In a different session we discussed violence as this has been part of many of the participant’s upbringing in both their homes and community.

Domestic violence has been a long-standing social ill in our community.

This is also how we view the opposite gender.

Interestingly the group agreed that gender-based violence made us as men feel powerful.

Different types of abuse were identified.

Today we do not only have men on women abuse but also men on men, or women on men abuse.

There is a sigma that abused men are not given the necessary attention and when men report these abuses the system fails them.

We had two local speakers who shared their story and encouraged participants that they too played in the streets of Beacon Valley.

They had their struggles but today they can stand in front of men to share their story.

Monray Adams, who attended primary and high school in Beacon Valley, shared his experiences that growing up in this area did not limit him.

He aspired to do more.

He is a pastor and a successful businessperson.

He often comes back to Beacon Valley to provide a service and always stops to engage people.

Taswell Goliath, also from Beacon Valley, is passionate about giving back to the community of Beacon Valley.

His testimony was a true testimony of everyone’s potential.

He is active in the Morgenster community and supports local activities.

As men we want to play our part in the community.

We agreed to establish an active group of men who would share ideas and contribute positively.