Right to justice

Lauren Carolus, Portland

The story “Suspect in Baden Powell collision case still not arrested” (Plainsman, November 17) refers.

Since the write-up about investigating officer Detective-Sergeant Momelezi Mvimbi who led the media and public to believe the suspect who was under the influence was arrested and charged and then he further lied to my father telling him that he was waiting on the court to give further instruction.

Investigating officer Mvimbi then continued to drag this investigation and four weeks after the accident had not yet bothered to take statements from the survivors, let alone the eye witnesses.

I was informed on Monday December 13 by the new investigating officer that the suspect and witness gave false addresses to the investigating officer which also proves that he didn’t bother to do his job properly and the police are now struggling to trace the suspect and his co-passenger.

Investigating officer Mvimbi on the day of the accident didn’t bother to draw blood from the suspect when the witnesses who were on scene told him that they were drinking.

I am grateful for the Plainsman and Marsha Leitch in particular for the write-up that I can confirm has seriously caused quite a few people to step up as far as this investigation is concerned, and I can also confirm that a case was opened against investigating officer Mvimbi for dragging his feet and also not following protocol.

I want to encourage people who feel they have been treated unfairly by the police or any public servant to stand up for their rights and make their voices heard. We have the right to report police corruption and we have the right to justice and equality, and we need to be the voice for our loved ones who have passed on.

* Lauren Carolus lost her daughter, husband and mother in the collision.

  • Mitchell’s Plain SAPS spokesperson, Captain Ian Williams said a complaint was lodged by the victims family against the investigating officer Detective-Sergeant Momelezi Mvimbi.

A discipline file was opened for investigation, which is ongoing, he said.