Readers say thank you to Hospital of Hope

Readers had nothing but compliments for the pandemic Hospital of Hope.

Compliments have flowed in for the Hospital of Hope after the Plainsman reported that it was closing last week (“Field hospital closed”, Plainsman, February 2).

The hospital, on the grounds of Lentegeur Hospital, closed last week due to low admissions.

Readers took to Facebook to express their appreciation to the pandemic hospital.

Imaan Zee:

The entire staff was so passionate for what they were doing, they cared and supported us when we thought it was our last. I truly am grateful that I was sent there and able to recover with such angels. May the Almighty bless the nurses and doctors for all they do. Stay safe out there.

Sylvia Petersen:

The best care and compassion given by nurses and doctors while I was there. I salute you guys.

Marianne Roodt:

I was there in July. The doctors and nurses cared for us with so much compassion, even the ladies who served us food. Believe me when I say some of us were so sick and scared but the doctors and nurses treated us with the utmost respect and compassion may God’s favour always be upon them. May all of them be blessed. I salute you guys.

Maleeka Noordien:

My mom was there in July as well. She still speaks about how well she was cared for.