Readers buzz about free classes and cheaper rides

News that pupils could get free learner licence classes from a local driving school (“Free learner’s licence classes for Mitchell’s Plain matric pupils”, Plainsman February 2.) and that a local taxi association was offering reduced fairs to pupils and pensioners (“Special taxi rates“, Plainsman February 9) generated a lot of excitement on the Plainsman’s Facebook page.

Here is some of what readers had to say:

Carol De Klerk:

Thank you for your service keeping our kids and pensioners safe. Who says nothing good can come from Mitchell’s Plain?

Madeeghah Van Der Heyden:

But you never get a Hazeldene taxi in the morning en route to Westgate Mall. My kids attend Mitchell’s Plain Primary School. I stand for almost and hour waiting for one or I just have to put them in a Caravelle taxi after more than five Caravelle vans have past already, which is so disappointing, really, because I rely on the reduced fee that one can pay. I even stopped them from travelling with a driver to save but I never get a taxi in the morning.

David January:

Uitmuntende nuus. Kyk na ons gemeenskappe. Grootouers se staatspensioene moet die hele huisraad dra, wat nie regverderdig is nie. Seen hulle met n bietjie verligting. God seen.

Rafeeqah Diedericks Neer:

This is a great initiative. Hoping perhaps the other taxi associations could consider the same. A lot of kids walk long distances to school, simply because parents cannot afford to pay transportation costs. Give that association a well deserved round of applause.

Adele Raybin:

They are the best. Granny was lost/deurmekaar one day and because a driver recognised her, he dropped her safely at home.

Shahied Basardien:

Management is a joke at that place, especially the two guys seen pictured from left too right. Operating with a whole lot of unroadworthy taxis.Full of corruption the guys in charge over there.

Gillian Fredericks Van Noie:

They must implement this at school. I remember those years they offered learner’s and driving lessons at school. With the blue City VW.

Merle Grace Anthony Meyer:

That’s a wonderful gesture. Keep in mind that these learners require their IDs which is extremely important so why can’t Home Affairs visit our schools and please assist our learners with getting their IDs. The home affairs office is a great challenge and these learners need to study and cannot stand in long lines to apply and then get told “come tomorrow, we’re offline” or they only take a hundred people. Please let’s put the same effort into helping the matrics get IDs.

Maun Millward:

Awesome initiative. Good luck.

Cassiem Cassiem:

Yes please we need this in our community

Desiree Johnson Paulsen:

This is awesome.