Message to the youth

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Rose Tobias, Portland

With our world as we know it being turned on its head due to so many social ills and Covid-19, take comfort in knowing that you were born for a time such as this.

Experiences which seem unimaginable; you will conquer this journey with a twist.

Never have you ever thought that things would change so dramatically and without any preparation.

You are the ones that will change the future of this nation.

Just as our nation is rich in its foundation and filled with colours of many seasons,

You are the chosen generation and purposefully placed for this reason.

Our history books should include your names next to tenacity, trials and experiences you had to face just to complete your educational year.

With very little face to face educational contact, you were brave enough to handle the fear.

Technology became your only means of contact and staying up to date with educators.

Therefore, ignore the #Tech savvy haters.

Many normalities have been changed and might stay changed forever

Therefore, we the Generation X, Y and Millennials wish you the best, prosperity, perseverance and growth in your future endeavours.