House transfer

Gavin Treu, Panorama

I have been trying to transfer my mom’s house to her name since 2018 (but) I was given the run-around by the City of Cape Town housing offices.

I was then also sent to Wale Street, (and) from there to Parow offices.

For days to months I was going to the Parow office sitting in a queue to get nowhere.

Eventually I was sent to the Master’s office where I got the authority to handle my mom’s affairs.

Then the run-around started again.

My mom died in 2020 so I had to go back to the Master’s offices to get the authority letter in order for me to transfer the house.

Numerous emails have been sent to the City with regards to the transfer and their story stays the same.

We were told that they would appoint an attorney in 2019 and we are still waiting.

I have been sending emails everyday and it’s frustrating that they are not doing their job.

We send emails and they reply a couple of days later.

Luthando Tyhalibongo, City of Cape Town spokesperson, responds:

We accept that the complainant has given the City permission for this matter to be responded to in public.

This is a City-owned delayed transfer property in respect of which a deed of sale was concluded and transfer of ownership is pending.

The executor of the estate has been liaising with the City regarding the registration of the property onto the late estates of his parents.

It is anticipated that the attorney appointment process should be finalised by the end of next week. We would then engage the executor again as he would be required to pay the transfer fees upfront before we instruct the attorney.

The City apologises for the inconvenience and delays which were outside of its control.

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