Focus on service delivery

Solomon Philander, Democratic Alliance Mitchell’s Plain 2 constituency chairman

On behalf of DA Mitchell’s Plain I would like to thank you for giving the DA-nominated ward candidates the opportunity to serve you for another five years.

We do not take the mandate to take your vote for granted but to see this as an opportunity to serve you.

During election we know many parties took the opportunity to put their names forward to compete for your vote.

You have spoken and the DA candidate is now your elected ward councillor in Mitchell’s Plain.

The very candidates who did not make it as councillors are now running around confusing you by telling you that they are your councillor.

Some of the candidates are now proportional representation (PR) for their political parties running around under their political party doing work for their party.

They are not elected into this position but is the political parties’ choice.

As your elected ward councillors we are committed to serve all people who reside in the ward and we stay committed.

The interference of these political party representatives is delaying residents from the getting the help they need and they end up back at the ward councillor’s office.

The elected councillors are not focused on politics but real service delivery

Please make contact with your ward councillor or the ward councillor office support to access municipal services.