Fires on field could have been prevented

Aaqilah Daniels, Woodlands

I emailed you (Joan Woodman, councillor for Ward 75) on Monday October 26 about the field between Woodlands and Harmony Village, along Weltevreden Road.

I have asked you to get the City of Cape Town to cut down the bushes because it is a fire hazard. You have yet to respond.

In that time, we have had four fires already. The fire department has had to come out four times, wasting their time and our money. It could have been prevented!

I know you have lots on your plate, but so do the residents of Woodlands, many of whom cannot afford property insurance if a fire damages their homes.

There are unwanted elements living between the bushes, burning plastics and whatever else. It is the fire and windy season.

If the land does not belong to council then it is time for the City to hold the landowners responsible for not taking care of their property.

I hope you can take a minute to resolve this matter.

Joan Woodman, councillor for Ward 75, responds:

So sorry for not responding, I must have missed your correspondence.

I have copied in the City’s parks department to give comment on this matter. I am in full agreement that this property is overgrown and has become a safety hazard and needs urgent attention.

The overgrown Port Jackson trees on Weltevreden Parkway between Mitchell Avenue and Harmony Village are of great concern.

This is a breeding ground for illegal shacks and dwellings that can be erected without our knowledge and can spiral out of control.

There seems to be some confusion as to who this piece of land belongs to as this was owned by Cape Town Community Housing for further development, but according to them it was taken back by the City.