Feeding the needy

Erica Mitchell, Grassy Park

At the point when any stomach is ravenous, my heart breaks.

Yes, our nation is confronting such countless difficulties.

Yet the primary concern is endurance.

In my eyes that is food.

Experiencing childhood in the Mitchell’s Plain people group as a youngster, I generally return to my foundations.

Surrendered numerous long periods of corporate life to contemplate educating.

Yes, agreeable compensation to a month to month, hand to mouth pay.

I began teaching at non-public schools about five years ago, however my heart is forever in Mitchell’s Plain.

I went through an entire day calling different schools for opportunities and one school called me for a meeting.

Last July I began experiencing my enthusiasm at a school in Eastridge.

I need to see my pupils “my kids” prevail throughout everyday life.

We try to feed our community as much as we can, we also hand out clothing, sleeping bags made out of newspaper to the homeless, stationery, sandwiches to schools, and even serve children with porridge before going to school.

Our donations are from our own church parishioners who are mostly unemployed as well.

This time round The Church of the Nazarene, led by my husband Reverend Howard Mitchell, and Shoprite Soup Kitchen on wheels have collaborated and provided soup and bread (Sasko) for the community of Eastridge which we handed out this morning.

The church wishes to thank Shoprite for being there for the community in these troublesome occasions that we find ourselves in.

We appreciate you.

Strict Covid-19 protocols are followed.

Any companies and organisations, who would like to support our initiative can call Reverend Mitchell on 084 500 3505.