Faces faded

Chantal Leng, Eastridge

The voice will never be heard again, the laughter has dried up.

It is 10pm on a Tuesday night and thoughts flood my mind.

Reality has set in, like really set in.

Covid-19 has consumed a community, an area, a city, a province, a country and the whole universe in itself.

Man made virus.

Who gave you the right?

Man to play God.

Do you not know that I am a jealous God?

Do you not know that I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? Do you not know that I am sovereign says the Lord your God?

Man, why do you test me? You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.

All glory be to God, so as my mind continues to wander I find myself in my thoughts coming from the Town Centre, it won’t be the same anymore. First stop as I enter into the first lane, up the street of Daphne Crescent.

A lady, aunty Maggie will be no more a warm greeting smile. Even in her poverty-stricken state, her face has faded. As I make my way up further Mr Lewis stores as we all know him to be, never a dull moment as he passes you by with a little joke cracked.

As I made my way even further, aunty Margaret, who enjoyed sitting in the sun next to an electric pole. That was how I saw her the last, a humble soul, before her voice was silenced, faces faded.

Then right across the house from me aunty Katie, a woman of strength always with a good word of encouragement.

Remembering as the ambulance took her away I uttered the blood of Jesus over her and also now she’s become silent.

And as my heart begins to feel heavy and tears roll from my cheeks, faces faded.

Next drive strikes me as aunty Josephine, a woman of great strength too with a history of always putting others before herself, and then praying that it would be the last.

Uncle Bow, remembered for riding his bicycle with a basket in front, with his jukebox safely stored within it coming down the road of Daphne Crescent after 7am each morning, what a breath of fresh air and a stolen moment of worship.

Before he departs through the lane of Daphne Crescent on his way to work. Fading faces. Voices silenced. They are no more. But God adds man you have tested me.

To those who are still breathing. I know you do not understand but I am doing a new thing. Do not doubt me, says the Lord your God.

Keep trusting me keep believing in me stay hopeful and when the time is right I the Lord your God will make it happen.

Chantal Leng