Dumping a problem

Cyril Dickson, Strandfontein

I discovered that there are residents who are dumping their rubbish just next to my house.

I would like to appeal to all residents to stop dumping their rubbish in the parks or any open spaces.

There are many other ways to get rid of your rubbish.

They also leave evidence, like personal letters and documents between the rubbish.

Be careful.

I am going to report whomever is responsible for dumping their rubbish again next to my house.

Kindly send your team (that is the City of Cape Town’s Urban Waste Management) to clean up again.

They just do their dumping during the night.

I can’t catch them.

Elton Jansen, Subcouncil 17 chairman and councillor for Ward 43, responds:

Illegal dumping is a major concern and a problem across the City of Cape Town, costing more than R300 million to deal with it – money that could have been used elsewhere.

We all need to work together as a community to keep our neighbourhood clean.

Dumping on an open public space is not just illegal but it shows that those who are guilty of it have no pride in their community.

I urge the community to report dumping so that we can bring the culprits to book. Residents can also contact me on 062 591 7840 or EltonEnrique.Jansen@capetown.gov.za to make sure we hold those accountable who make themselves guilty of dumping.

I am also aware of the ongoing delay in refuse collections which I have personally raised with senior officials including the city manager.

This does not give people the right to dump but I assure residents that we are dealing with the matter to get the refuse collections back to normal and on time.

Information sent to me, must include the complainant’s name, surname, contact number, location and if possible a photograph.