Cyber security training

Séan Achim, executive chairman and chief executive officer of Plein Chamber

The pandemic has taught us that every business is an information technology (IT) business.

We must all embrace the coming changes to our local economy if we are to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Our youth and the business owners in Mitchell’s Plain need to become experts in the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI).

We need to become the leaders in forensics within the field of cyber security and we need to be known as the go-to-community to employ professional software developers.

Our plumbers, electricians and all small businesses need to know how to use the internet to promote their businesses effectively, reach out to customers remotely and excel in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To this end the Plein Chamber has actively been participating in the development of a new set of qualifications at a national level.

As a recognised expert within these fields with decades of experience and a long list of related qualifications – one of 15 new qualifications being brought to the market in 2022 by the Media, Information Technology and Communications Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

I am learner qualifications development facilitator who has designed and signed off on the new software development as well as the data science practitioner qualifications.

I have played a critical contributor role to the development of the national cyber security practitioner qualification.

These new qualifications will be made available to the people of Mitchell’s Plain and the broader surrounding suburbs in 2022 after having secured funding for these qualifications.

In the meantime it is essential that the prerequisites for the programme are understood and everyone is encouraged to attend one of the workshops that explains these prerequisites as part of the series of FaceBook Live and physical workshop scheduled for the rest of November and December.

Plein Chamber has been actively involved in the development of economic opportunities for our community since our establishment in 2017 and this project is just another of the initiatives that we are driving to ensure that our community has hope and opportunity to thrive.

The learnership that will be registered as part of this programme will see at least 40 youth from every suburb of Mitchell’s Plain helping the small businesses of every suburb to have an effective secure website, and have an effective digital presence that demonstrates proficiency in the Fourth Industrial Revolution based technologies.

All of the students, who have successfully completed the training programmes will be gainfully employed in a fulfilling and meaningful career with the opportunity to excel internationally.

Their first session will be on Friday November 26 at 5.30pm with Maria Fortuin, from Fortuin Hygiene Cleaners.

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