Councillor speaks out

Norman Robert Adonis, councillor for Ward 92,

The story “Tafelsig families lose their homes in blaze” (Plainsman, November 24), and subsequent social media post which went viral, refer.

I am very unhappy.

I also want to let the community know of what was done from my side as the councillor for the ward.

I received this call from the community on Saturday November 20 between 10.30am and 11am.

I received calls from various community members, including emergency officials.

I immediately made myself ready to visit the family that same day.

I know the following properties were affected: 104 Moira Street, 106 Moira Street – the family lost their home and another lost their wendy house; a house and four wendy houses were burned at 4 Doreen close, a wendy at 110 Tafelberg Street and another at 112 Tafelberg Street.

I arrived while the fire department was busy and made my own assessment of all affected properties and households.

I activated the relevant humanitarian services.

Part of my intervention was to confirm the ownership of the properties of which I received confirmation on Monday November 22 and immediately activated protocol to assist the families.

The families were informed to make contact with the Department of Social Development’s South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), who is responsible for disaster relief and assisting the families with available resources.

I kept the families informed on this assistance, however, following the recent local government elections on November 1, the opposition parties are now making unrealistic promises to the families. They are not allowing the process to rebuild the homes as per the process.

I can assure the community that all assessments were done, the insurance is in the process to get quotes and then rebuilding will happen.

I also call on the community to donate any furniture and moveable goods as the structure will be rebuilt as per the insurance cover.

The families affected by the fire who lived in the informal structures must rebuild as the cover excludes this.

The families must visit Sassa for assistance as the City of Cape Town no longer provides starter kits.