Community effort

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 79 and Wolfgat Sub-council chairman,

September is the start of a new season and it is always a good time after the winter rain to plant trees and add to the environment.

On Thursday September 16 I had the opportunity to plant trees with the residents of Judo, Athletic and Essenhout streets, in Beacon Valley.

This was once again a project to come alongside the community that is willing to take ownership.

I met with the residents in Judo and Athletic streets and we identified how we could take hands to improve the public spaces.

Just a few months ago Riley Park, in Beacon Valley showed Mitchell’s Plain that they could take ownership of their park and many others could follow.

I am positive that the majority of the community is willing to turn the area around.

It is my role to support such initiatives to come alongside them.

It is not the ward councillor’s responsibility alone to keep the public spaces clean and beautiful but if everyone played their part we would be able to do more.