Better taxi service

Trevor Martin, Hazeldene Taxi Association executive member

“Special taxi rates” (Plainsman, February 9) and “Readers buzz about free learner-licence classes, cheaper rides” (Plainsman, February 16) refer.

We have read all comments and responses based on the article previously posted on our new reduced fares and in response to the comments made on Facebook about us not being visible enough.

With this new system we are aiming to be more visible as well as more operational on our routes.

We also encourage the parents of the students and pupils, who make use of Hazeldene taxis to let our drivers know where their children are in the morning, so that we can ensure that we pick them up.

We would also like to mention that these reduced fees are only Hazeldene Taxi Association services.

These are our routes and we do not want to infiltrate routes that belong to other taxi associations, which could lead to grievances.

We are always aiming to give our passengers a friendly and safe experience.

A heartfelt thank you to all our loyal passengers that continue to stand and support this association.