Youth moulood

Madrasah Tul Madina pupils recite.

Muslim pupils from AZ Berman High School, Portland High School and 20 other Muslim schools participated in the annual youth moulood (in honour of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad) of Madrasah Tul Madina, from Beacon Valley, at Glendale High School hall, in Rocklands, on Sunday February 25. Pupils performed poems, nasheed (devotional songs) and short speeches. Muallim Muhammad Kamalie said the sentiment at the event was that more similar programmes should be hosted. “This is to assist our youth in their formative years, to keep their community’s legacy and values intact and to provide a platform for them to give confident expression to their knowledge and their personalities,” he said. For more information about the madrasah call Mr Kamalie on 081 803 8538 or 021 376 2827 or Muallim Abduragmaan May on 083 948 5436.