Youth Day insights

Mark R H Kleinschmidt, DA Proportional Representative councillor, Kenwyn

My 8-year-old grandson asked me what one says to another in acknowledging June 1.

It was a bit of a tough one for me and I thought long and hard before answering him.

Nowadays, our children and pupils in particular are extremely knowledgeable through their access to the internet, and Google is a tool which answers practically all questions.

A quick answer for my enquiring minded grandson, would have been, wishing the person “Happy June”, but that would not appease him.

I deliberated instead with, “Happy Youth Month”, which led to a further barrage of questions from his enquiring appetite.

The moral of the aforesaid exchange tells us that while it is noble to acknowledge youth during June, that it is vitally important to engage and ensure that young and old alike assimilate the significance and meaning of Youth Month.

It is not enough to merely have celebratory concerts and the ilk. Youth Month holds much significance for each of us individually and as a nation as we reflect on the events leading up to June 16, 1976, and it must be commemorated and embraced as such.

Herein lies our true freedom from apartheid and the chains which separated us.

Happy Youth Month.