Young environmentalists reap the rewards of what they’ve sown

Gardeners take a break at the Mother Earth mural at a communal space in Park Avenue, Rocklands.

Schools Environmental Education and Development (SEED) students pulled out all the stops to showcase their labour of love with soil.

They had a students’ tour and celebration day at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre, based at Rocklands Primary School, on Friday November 8.

This is SEED’s third cohort for the year in which they teach youth sustainable living techniques by reducing their waste, carbon footprint and dependency on government water and electricity sources.

They completed a 15-week accredited skills programme, including permaculture, looking at ecosystems, soils, water, energy and plant systems; urban regeneration through the study of household and neighbourhood resilience by collecting information, as well as design and implementation. There was also a focus on personal resilience, for participants to get to know themselves, their strengths and beliefs to better articulate and express themselves with self care practices like Chi Gong, yoga and meditation; and job shadowing to gain invaluable experience into the world of work.

The participants also completed a four-week job shadowing opportunity at different green economies in Cape Town to further practise what they had learned.