Young Eastridge choir school pupil still needs funds

Ethan Palagangwe in his Drakensberg Boys Choir School uniform.

Drakensberg Boys Choir School pupil, Ethan Palagangwe, 10, from Eastridge is still in need of funds for his studies at the school in KwaZulu-Natal.

Ethan started his journey at Drakensberg Boys Choir School when he was accepted to study at the school in November 2020.

To help raise funds for Ethan a crowdfunding campaign was started on the Back-a-Buddy crowdfunding platform. The community, organisations and author Athol Williams, who hails from Mitchell’s Plain, donated to Ethan’s schooling career.

However, Ethan still needs R75 000 to stay and study at Drakensberg Boys Choir School. The fees include transportation, accommodation, food and travelling expenses. His parents are also pursuing scholarships and bursaries for Ethan to fund his studies in the years to come, said his father, Kagisho Palagangwe.

“The funds picked up in the beginning and it has slowed down a bit. We are struggling to fund Ethan as it becomes pricey, especially with transporting him, to and from home,” he said.

Back-a-Buddy takes 15% of the funds raised for their administration and sends the rest of the funds straight to the school.

Ethan has been at the school for less than two months. He arrived at the school in KwaZulu-Natal in February this year. “He has no parents at the school and we are so proud of him for growing in this regard,” said Mr Palagangwe.

Ethan said when he started at the school, he learnt about their brotherhood that he has become proud of. He also passed 11 tests of the 25 that he still needs to complete in order to perform live with the school, he said.

“I am having lots of fun at the school and I love the sports especially. Thank you very much to everyone who donated and assisted me on my journey with me and my family. I love you,” said Ethan via the Plainsman.

Mother Candice Palagangwe said she is very proud of their son and looks forward to a good and long educational experience at Drakensberg Boys Choir School for him.

“He has matured a lot and we are proud of him this far. Funding is a big struggle for us at the moment and we need all the help we can get. We look forward to him continuing his stay at the school. Ethan’s mind is set on staying at the school. We want the best for Ethan and a good quality education,” said Ms Palagangwe.

If you would like to make a donation or assist in any way, follow the Ethan Palagangwe Back-a-Buddy campaign or the Facebook page Ethan Palagangwe’s future for more information.