YMCA launches support centre

Left: YMCA staff members, from left, Bradley De Bruyn, Carl Sampson, Berenice Roman and Antonio Zeeman.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) has launched a support centre in Portland to increase their service delivery and access to the community.

A walking club, computer programme and a new parent support group will be among the services on offer.

The walking club aims to increase fitness levels and overall wellness. There will be different groups from Tuesdays to Thursdays and the distance will be determined by the age group.

On Thursdays, at 11am, they will be offering free basic computer classes, with emphasis on research as well as basic MS Word and PowerPoint skills.

They are also working on starting a parent support group, which will kick-off on Tuesday May 2, to provide emotional support to parents who are struggling with their children’s behaviour; to give them guidance and build their self-esteem to be better parents.

“The group will make a difference especially to single parents or teenage parents. It will help them understand the child’s behaviour and how to deal with it,” said Berenice Roman.

When the Plainsman visited the YMCA centre they were busy interviewing potential care-workers who will be trained in HIV and TB issues so they can help community members who are battling with these diseases and ensure that they are taking their treatment correctly.

The YMCA also offers an after-school programme to keep children safe and off the street.

YMCA visits schools to help the kids with their homework and teaches them life skills, self-esteem, and how to care for the environment.

For more information, call Berenice Roman at 083 765 7671.