Writing is on the wall for Woodlands pupil

Layan Ismail, 9, a Grade 3 pupil at Parkhurst Primary School, in Westridge, wrote and illustrated her own story.

Layan Ismail, 9, a Grade 9 pupil at Parkhurst Primary School, in Westridge, has written and illustrated her own story, Happy Birthday Max.

Unfolding over five notebook-sized pages, the story is about a little boy whose parents play a prank on him by pretending to forget his birthday.

Layan, of Woodlands, was inspired by the stories of Oaky – a series of books written by Westridge-born author Athol Williams – as well as Read to Rise, an NGO taking the character of Oaky to schools in an interactive programme.

Read to Rise celebrated its fourth anniversary this month, Literacy Month, at a dinner, where a letter from Layan’s mother, Fatima, was read out. In it she thanked Read to Rise for encouraging children to write their own stores.

“They were so proud of her and encouraged her to continue as it was done very well,” she wrote.

Ms Ismail said she was very proud of Layan’s achievement.

“ She really loves making her own books and uses her imagination well when she writes,” she said.