World Read Aloud Day at Liesbeeck

Back, from left are, teachers Ashrif De Klerk and Irafaan Abrahams, Yusri Masoet, and teacher, Faaidha Cassiem. In front are, principal Wahied Gasant, teacher, Wendy Petersen, daughter of slain activist, Almarhoom Imam Abdullah Haron, Fatiema Haron-Masoet, Genevieve Serra, director, producer, and playwright, Dr Boebie Hamza, and South African over 50 world cup player, Goolam Taliep.

Daughter of slain activist, Imaam Abdullah Haron, Fatiema Haron-Masoet, was among several esteemed guests who read to Liesbeeck Primary School pupils on World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday February 1.

A Liesbeek teacher reads aloud to her pupils on Wednesday February 1.

Ms Cassiem said reading aloud helps with children’s development and creating a parent-child bond.

Another guest, Dr Boebie Hamza, a director, producer and playwright, said it was an honour to be a part of the day and help children learn through reading.