World Aids Day

Members of the UCT Lung Institute Research Community Advisory Board (CAB), from left, Batseba Robson, Audrey Rodrigues, Sharon Gwele, Ella Nelson, Zani De Wit, community development manager, Marshaline Levuin, Pamela Nicholson and James Hess commemorated World Aids Day.

The health community commemorated World Aids Day on Friday November 30 at the Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre. The awareness day is marked around the world on December 1. A registered nurse at the Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre, Frances Fielies said: “World Aids Day is celebrated every year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support to people living with HIV. It is also to commemorate those who have died from an Aids-related illness.” Ms Fielies said World Aids Day was first marked in 1988, and people all around the world wear a red ribbon to show their support for those living with or affected by Aids.