Working together to create beauty

Charmaine Schnell and Johanna Smith with a mosaic mirror and a handmade bag.

After 10 years, the women at Saamwerk are still passionate about arts and crafts, spending many hours making mosaic mirror frames, paintings, costume jewellery and other beautiful things.

The 12 women in the group meet at the Methodist Church, in Cornflower Street, Lentegeur, every Monday, from 10am to 1pm.

Saamwerk co-ordinator Charlotte Lenting said the women learn about art and business. “The women are extremely creative and take pride in their work.

“Many of the women have been with the group for many years and over time their skills have improved.

“The women makes a range of items such as aprons, tablecloths, candles and other household items. When the items are completed, they are then able to sell them,” she said.

Saamwerk runs arts-and-crafts workshops over five to six weeks. The cost is R120.
“Members receive the materials and are assisted throughout the sessions. We will start the workshops in January next year, but, for now, people are able to join Saamwerk. We welcome anyone with open arms,” Ms Lenting said.

Johanna Smith, 88, from Lentegeur, has been with Saamwerk for nine years, and she paints and sews handbags.

“I enjoy being part of the group, it is fun and very interesting. I specifically like making bags and embroidery,” she said. “This club makes me feel young and part of a family.”