Words of encouragement during Covid-19 pandemic

Rocklands High School pupils are encouraging people to stay home so that they can finish matric. From top left are, Jada France, Azar Albrecht, ,Tamerine Rustin, middle left, Tameaka de Klerk, Amy Davids, Mishka Martin, bottom left, Abdul Wahied Adriaanse, Diego Blignut and Chelsea Adonis.

Rocklands High School matric pupils are encouraging people to “stay home” so that they can finish their matric year.

Pupil Diego Blignaut said the Covid-19 pandemic is really tough on the matric class of 2020. 

“It’s a crucial year and it’s really important for us. If we all play by the rules, things will run smoothly again, we will all be safe and be able to finish off where we started,” he said.

Deputy head girl at Rocklands High School, Tameaka de Klerk, said Covid-19 has changed the way they work and learn.

The contrast of chance “freedom” from school and yet the disconcerting feelings of helplessness when self-studying is difficult for all pupils, she said. “It is very challenging, as we do feel the pressure,” she said.

They are working online but this is challenging for those who do not have access to the internet. Their teachers are doing everything in their power to address this and help where they can.