Women’s hairdressing dreams come true

Tasneem Adams, 33, from Morgens Village, blowdries; Roxanne Alexander, 30, from Colorado Park, teases the hair; and Bianca Ruiters, 30, from Lentegeur, flat irons the hair of Roxanne Titus, 28, from Harmony Village.

It was a Woodlands woman’s dream to be a hairstylist, which she can now do confidently, after having completed a local community hairdressing course.

Netecia Adams, 29, told her classmates that she had always wanted to do hair and that she had experimented with her own hair, at the Sub-council chamber, in Lentegeur, on Friday December 6.

She was one of 10 women, from Ward 75, which includes Woodlands, Colorado Park and surrounding areas, who completed a 10-day hairdressing course with hairstylist Colleen Snell.

“There are many girls on the streets, wie dwaal en nie rigting het nie. Die was my hart se verlange,” she said.

Ms Adams thanked Ms Snell for opening her home and kitchen cupboards to them.

“She allowed us to be free and never limited us. She took us as one of her own and we could do what we wanted,” she said.

Ward 75 councillor Joan Woodman, allocated the budget via the City of Cape Town’social development and early childhood development department, to cover the costs of the training; transport to and from; the odd snack; and a mobile business-in-a bag kit, including a flat iron, professional hair dryer, brushes, combs, cape, scissors, manicure and pedicure kits.

Each of the women received 5 litres of shampoo and 5 litres of conditioner, which they could use to start their business immediately.

Ms Snell advised them to start off with one client, whose payment could buy a litre of milk, a loaf of bread or put a pot of food on their table.

“When you wake up, make a poster and send it out on WhatsApp or on Facebook.

“Avail yourself, with a strategy you can achieve a lot.”

She said the graduates were equipped with the tools and the skills to set goals for themselves and achieve them.

Both Ms Adams and Natasha Jacobs, 34, from Woodlands, would like to start their own businesses.

Elton Jansen, councillor for Ward 43 (Strandfontein and part of Philippi) and chairman of Sub-council 23, said the women should pay it forward. “Just like you were empowered, so you can empower another person,” he said.

“When you open your salon or mobile business, identify someone in your community in need or who has a passion for hairdressing, you share what you have learned – pay it forward.”

Ms Woodman said the women had started off as strangers but were now a family, who could lean on each other, talk and ask questions if they needed help.

“You now have the paper to show you know how to do hair, equipment and the skill to make anyone look and feel beautiful,” she said.