Women treated to cake, tea and massages

From left, Frede Benjamin from Eastridge, Charlene Biegnaar from Rocklands, Magdalene Love from Tafelsig being massaged by director Selestine Hamner and facilitator Granville Jepthas.

Ten women from Mitchell’s Plain were pampered and treated by the NPO, Healing on Horizon, in honour of Womens Month, on Thursday August 11.

The organisation, based in the Town Centre, served cake and tea, gave the women foot massages and checked the blood pressure of those who attended.

Director Selestine Hamner said the organisation decided to host the event to celebrate the role women play in their families and communities.

“It is an absolute pleasure and privilege being able to host an event for our women who work tirelessly. We acknowledge the achievements and their hard work during the struggle,” she said.

The organisation offers a range of services including crisis, trauma, couples and emotional counselling, practical assistance, court support and also does referrals.

In addition to this, they have a support group called “Where is the Love”, at which they do meditation, among other things.

Ms Hamner said excitedly that Healing on Horizon was officially registered in March last year.

“We have only launched last year, but we have done a lot in the short period.

“We have great plans ahead and are encouraging residents to use our services,” she said.

Ms Hamner said she has a team of six who work in and outside of the office, offering the services to young and old.

Ms Hamner added that the organisation has seen about 100 people since they opened their doors in March last year.

The organisation has a six-week session and does follow-up sessions with clients.

“There is a need for services of this nature in Mitchell’s Plain, especially in Tafelsig where I am from. It is a reality, our youth are being recruited by gangsters, engaging in drug activity and men are abusing our women and children.

“As an organisation we aim to empower and equip women because we need them to be strong and most importantly stand up for themselves.

“The cycle of abuse and violence has to stop, because our children need to become successful people,” she said.

Ms Hamner has worked as a home-based carer at Arisen Women and, as part of the YMCA, worked at the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court as a co-ordinator in the witness protection unit.

For more information, about the services Healing on Horizon offers, you can contact Selestine Hamner at 071 352 9860.