Women encouraged to be strong

The Womens Fellowship, at back, are chef Shanaaz Scott and Noleen Whitebooy. In front are Beatrice Leng, chairperson Sharon van der Berg, secretary Stephanie Temmers, Advocate Anjohine Smith, Lydia Sturts, Alice Gelderbloem, Isabelle Strauss and treasurer Rachel Abrahams enjoying Womens Day at the Mitchells Plain United (Presbyterian and Congregational) Church, in Westridge on Thursday August 9.

Women were encouraged to do something great with their lives when the Women’s Fellowship of the Mitchell’s Plain United (Presbyterian and Congregational) Church, in Westridge held their Women’s Day event on Thursday August 9.

Retired teacher Rachel Abrahams, from Strandfontein, said this was the third Women’s Day event they were hosting and the theme was “The Comeback”.

“We encourage women to do something great with their lives. We need women to come back and be strong, take a stance in life so that the younger women can have the courage to do what they are doing,” said Ms Abrahams.

Another women’s fellowship member, Beatrice Leng, from Tafelsig, said women needed to be uplifted.

“We need to educate women about abuse and parenting skills as well as physical skills that can help those who are not qualified. Some women are scared to go out and do something. Women go through a lot, a lot has happened to me and nothing gets me down.

“I am a survivor, if they try to break me down, they are making me stronger.”

Women’s Fellowship secretary, Sharon van der Berg, said: “We came to celebrate the day of the women, to believe in ourselves and not let people bring us down mentally and physically. We should be proud of our womanhood.”

The main speaker at the event, Advocate Anjohine Smith also had words of encouragement.

“Women marched out before us; they ascended and paved the way for us back then. It’s not as difficult as people perceive it. You can become anything that you set your mind to. It’s important to get together like this because we made it.”

Ms Smith is founder of NPO, Kingship Legal Clinic.