Winning story-tellers

Judge and Voice of the Cape radio presenter Quanita Kamaar, leader of Eat Pray Dream Foundation Qudissiya May, leader of Sheigh Abduragmaan Institute Mualima Fairuz May, Eat Pray Dream Foundation in Tafelsig member and winner of the senior phase Aabidah Wilson, from Tafelsig, Read2Lead founder and event organiser Na-ilah Kippie, judge Academia Library representative Omar Suleman, leader of Eat Pray Dream Foundation in Tafelsig Gazaalie May and from Westgate Madrassa Sheigh Nabiel Vlotman.

Mitchell’s Plain youth rose to the challenge of studying a short story from the Quran and presenting it to an audience of parents, grandparents and fellow learners of the Islam.

They participated in a story-telling competition at Al Masjiedur Rawbie hall in Portland on Saturday June 25.

Pupils from Grades 1 to 12 were divided into education phases and were judged accordingly.

Read2Lead founder Nailah Kippie, foundation phase winner Rukaya De Wet and Voice of the Cape radio presenter Quanita Kamaar, who was a judge.

Non-profit literacy organisation Read2Lead collaborated with Sheigh Abduragmaan May Institute, Westgate Madrasa, Eat Pray Dream Foundation and Madrasa Al Khayr online to host the contest.

Ruqaya De Wet, from Read2Lead, was the foundation winner; Ebrahiem Karriem from Madrasa Al Khayr Online won the intermediate phase; and Aabidah Wilson from Eat Play Dream Foundation won the senior phase winner.

Pictured in the middle is intermediate phase winner Ebrahim Karriem, from Madrasa tul Khayr online, With him are his (teacher) mualima Fatima Achmat, his mother Zaironiesa Karriem, her husband Ebrahim and their younger son Mahmoed.

Na-ilah Kippie, Read2Lead founder and event organiser, said: “All the participants were very confident and showed true leadership skills. They made us proud”.

Westgate Madrasa students Muaawiya Esterhuizen, Tashreeq Solomons, Mujahid Kippie, teacher Sheigh Nabiel Vlotman, Saabirah Andrews and Shamiela Nackerdien.